Louie Loie’s is an idea that started years ago in the mind of Ronnie Wilson. Ronnie’s early days in music were as a rocker in carious rock-n-roll and blues bands. After hiis amazing charisma caught the attention of a piano player at Haowl at the Moon, he was presentd with the chance to become a peformer in the fairly new concept of rock-n-roll dueling pianos; and he could’t turn it down.
So, he moved to Orlando and began training. IN less than a year, he was one of hte top players and decided to move on to open Sing sing in Denver. That club was booming in no time. He stayed there for almost 4 years when he was then offerd a new oprtunity. And as a native Texas(a fact he’s quite proud of), he jumped on the chance to move to Austin, TX and y at Pete’s Piano Bar.
In no time at all, Ronnie became a true icon, and a defing characteristic of Pete’s. He doesn’t just entertain you, he pulls you in and makes you a part of whatever he’s doing whether you want to be or not. And even if you didn’t want to be, you’ll soon be glad he coaxed you into it. It’s electric personality, and his ability to give you just what you didn’t know you wanted. Ronnie wanted more than that though. He’s always wanted a place of his own, where he could entertain a crowd in his own way, with his own rules, and not have to answer to anyone else. He wanted the same great customer service that he’d witnessed at the other places he wored, but he envisioned a place where the owner was a player, and the show could truly come first.
But to do that, Ronnie needed a partner. IN the fall of 2007, Ronnie met a young man from Granger, TX who would prove to be the missing ingredient he had long sought. His name was Joey Hamende. They met when Joey auditioned for the gig at Pete’s. When Ronnie heard Joey play sing, he immediately recognized the young man’s rare talent, and the two became fast friens. Both musicians had played in bands, enjoyed the same music, and appreciated each other’s… let’s say “interesting” sense of humor. So, it wasn’t long before Ronnie told his new friend of his impending plans for the future. After almost a year of researching different locations, the boys decided on Lubbock as the home for their new enterprise. And to no surprise, Lubock couldn’t have been more read for dueling pianos.
Louie Louie’s in Lubbock opened on September of 2008, and immediately became a hot spot; the place to go when you need to celebrate, get crazy, or just flat out be entertained. IN September of 2010, they oped their second location in Arlington, TX and there are no plans of stopping there. So you may ask, “Why Louie Louie’s? The truth is, we just couldn’t think of anyting better.